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Velstack lets you customize and extend to provide personalized experience with customers, help businesses stay productive, and keep the entire business connected...

Popular Features of Velstack Business Suit

The Business suit lets you Work smarter with routing and intelligence to increase customer retention. Managing the most important aspect of your business in a secured ecosystem, from one unified place.

Business Inventory

Keep a close eye on products In Stock, and those Out of Stock, quantity sold, quantity left, expiry date, most sold products, least sold products, expensive sales and least expensive sales.


The system allows you to generate a professional receipt/invoice for customers and print whenever, wherever. The receipts can be edited to collect payment in installment.

Business Analysis

Track business profit on various sales. Get daily total sales (quantity and amount). Track customers owing the business and amount owned by them, and total sales of all time.

Export Data & Report

Using the system should not be your limit. You can export all your data (sales & product report) on system to either Excel, CSV or PDF for business seminars or reporting.


Add your workers to your business to help you manage them. You create an account for them on your dashboard and assign roles to them. You can control everything they do.

Email Notifications

When the business owner turns on email notifications, an email receipt will be sent to customers on every sale. Giving customers the option to download the receipt.

SMS Notifications

When SMS alert is turned on, an sms will be sent to customers phone after every single sale. The SMS will be sent with your registered Sender ID on your business settings.


The business owner can opt for notifications. When the feature is turned on, an email receipt of every sale will be sent to the owner without employees awareness.


Business owner can close the business. When the business is closed, no worker can do anything on the business unless turned on again. However, daily sales calculations will be sent to the business owner via SMS as soon as the business is closed.

Start your future Business with Velstack Business Suit

Everything in one secured Ecosystem

Manage your business from anywhere with just a single click, begin to work smarter with intelligence and proper routing.






Functional Ecosystem


Growing your Businesses

Collect insightful sales information and keep proper records of your business in a secured ecosystem to increase customer retention. Connecting customers and workers with real time app notifications..


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always send us a tweet. We will answer you shortly!

General Questions

Payment is made once every month and there are no hidden fees in our plans. Extra fees are added only in the case where the business owner opts for SMS Notifications. In this case, the SMS Charge will be added to the monthly subscription fee.

When you sign up from the Register page, you're automatically the business owner, now you have all rights to add your employees.

We found adding employees to be necessary especially for big commerce or businesses which is being managed by many people. The Business owner has the opportunity to add unlimited number of employees to the business to help them manage it. The Business owner controls what the employees can do. In other words, assign roles/privileges to them. When an employee is added, they have to verify their email address before logging in. (Email must be a valid one). They will use the same login page

To proceed sales and create receipts for customers, you must add all items in your business and their details. Now, when you're creating a receipt and you start typing the item name, it will automatically populate like item and their quantity left. When the item is selected the rate field will automatically be populated.
Privacy & Security

No, Every business receipts has a Legal No number on them. This legal no is unique for every business. Every receipt must be checked if the legal number on them matches the your business legal number.

When you change your email address, we send a verification code to your new email. In order to update the changes on your account, you have you to use te verification code in your email.

We collect your contact information and IP address. We do this in other to check if your account is being compromised or the device you are trying to use to access the account is a trusted one.

Only the business owner has the privilege to set the business up. Can turn on/off notifications for both customers and the himself, as well as updating business details.

Start your future Business with Velstack Business Suit